Our new friend

Here is a video of our new friend, Innah. She's a great dancer, and she loves cats, too.


Kitchen Guards

Dinner is finished, but someone has yet to finish cleaning up the table...

Wait a minute...did you hear that? Someone is coming!

Well, look at that, one minute they're here the next they're gone!



Nap time for the boys



Relaxation team champions...


Keeping warm

A-a-a-h-h-h... I love sitting next to the heating vent...it's nice and cozy here...

Hey give me some of that cozy heat, Blue!

You'll have to fight me for it! I was here first, Red! Besides, you have more padding to keep you warm, you big bully!


Sitting High

I finally found a place I can go to get away from Red

Nobody knows how I got up here and I'm not going to tell them. They might rearrange the furniture.


Home sweet home

Well, we spent yet another four days in the house alone, only seeing our sitters, Steve and Tommy, once a day each. We had to keep ourselves company, as well as keep each other warm. Now that Gary and Frankie are back home, they're trying to make up for the lost time...and someone keeps using that stupid camera to take more pictures...here he comes again!

Watch out, Blue, here comes the flash!!!
I have to protect my little nephew from the hazards of bright flashing lights.They hurt his eyes.